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Brief Introduction

Company profile

The ARMANCAR Company’s activity field is on the automotive electrical parts’ production, particularly all magnetic relays types and electronic circuits. The company was established in 1994 with the aim of producing the automotive parts. ARMANCAR Company is the first producer of the 5-jack standard relays mode V/25A12 for passenger cars and V/20A24 for heavy vehicles in the country, whose products are being produced in accordance with the standards of PSA, ISO, and IVECO and are being installed on all products of IRAN KHODRO Company since 1996 up to now.

The mission of ARMANCAR Company

We believe that the only way to survive is to achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the processes. Therefore, we consider having the complete knowledge on the manufacturing technology and product specification as essential to our work.

Production capacity and customers

Our main clients include firstly, the domestic automakers and then the spare parts market. The company has produced almost 11 million pcs of a variety of relays and 400,000 pcs of Peugeot Stop Brake up to the early 2016 (the end of 1394) and has fulfilled the major need for all magnetic relays types in IRAN KHODRO Company (through the companies MEHRCAM SAPCO and PERSIA).

ARMANCAR Company, pursuant to the order of SAPCO Company from November 2002 to February 2003, increased its production successfully 10-times more which represents the flexible organization and production capacity of this company. Following that, the company won its biggest contract with SAPCO to provide 2 million pcs of relays.

In 2004, in order to improve its infrastructures, this company moved its own factory to a new site with a 1,200 m2 infrastructure warehouse in Abbas Abad Industrial town; and in July 2005, produced 135000 pcs and in March 2006, the company achieved the production record of 217000 pcs of relays. In 2007, this company produced almost 2 million pcs of a variety of magnetic relays, successfully, and indeed, it won all the customers’ need increase for market growth.

Since 2016, in light of the continued improvement strategy in its production infrastructures and an export-oriented view, ARMANCAR Company has moved its new factory to a new site in 14th km of the Talesh-Anzali road, Guilan.

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