The ARMANCAR manufacturing company has won ISO certification and ISO/TS 9000 and has over 20 years of experience in engineering design and manufacturing the auto parts and cooperating with the automotive manufacturers across the country.

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Engineering Design and Auto parts' Manufacturing

We believe that the only way to survive is to achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the processes.

Therefore, we consider having the complete knowledge on the manufacturing technology and product specification as essential to our work.

Some of the best and most well-known Auto parts Suppliers are our Customers

Appropriate Quality and price are the real reasons that customers buy our products.

The ARMANCAR Company’s activity field is on the automotive electrical parts’ production, particularly all magnetic relays types and electronic circuits. The company was established in 1994 with the aim of producing the automotive parts.

Since 2016, in light of the continued improvement strategy in its production infrastructures and an export-oriented view, ARMANCAR Company has moved its new factory to a new site in 14th km of the Talesh-Anzali road, Guilan.



ARMANCAR Co., the manufacturer of various automotive relays in Iran

Quality and customer satisfaction, the two main priorities in our services

We are going to keep the customer satisfaction at a high level by supplying the products competitive with the global leading brands while encouraging and satisfying the employees that are the main capital of ARMANCAR Co.

The vision and mission of ARMANCAR Co.:

  • Customer satisfaction100%
  • Continuous research and development and technical knowledge promotion100%
  • Continuous enhancement of the products quality100%
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